Institute Additional Facilities

Hostel Facilities

This Institute having 26 rooms and 3 students sharing in each room. Four washing machines and four Geysers fitted near wash rooms

This Institute having very Good Mess Facilities with around 50 plus trainees can take food at a time. Monthly Rs. 1800/- Morning Breakfast with Tea, Lunch, evening snacks with Tea and Dinner

Rainwater Harvesting

This Institute having 3 Rainwater Harvesting facilities in the campus

Rain Watrer Harvesting 1

Rain Water Harvesting 2

Narmada Drinking Water

This Institute having Narmada Drinking Water facilities

Sports Facilities

This Institute having Sports facilities

Karate Classes 1

This Institute Conducting 13 days special defence Karate training for all Girls

Karate Classes 1

Karate Classes 2

Karate Classes 3

Karate Classes 4

Karate Classes 5

Karate Classes 6


This Institute keeping good Greenery